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“Your brand and logo can eventually stand for something. But you first have to raise your logo up like a child and earn it some respect.”

– Dan Kennedy


Zach Schneider
Schneider Fitness
10 Years ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Health Coach
Behavioral Change Specialist
Sports Conditioning Specialist
Specialty: Small Group Strength Training
Hobbies: Basketball / Fishing / Road Trips / Reading
I became a personal trainer to help people develop a healthier lifestyle and to serve my community.
The Kondition Haus model helps me to concentrate 100% of my time and effort on my business and my clients without worrying about having to maintain a facility. 
Instagram: @SchneiderFIT
Whitney Schneider

Business: Schneider Fitness

I train because I want to empower women to become stronger both physically and mentally.  We are capable of BIG things and weight training is a strong reminder of how perseverance can serve us throughout our lives.

The Kondition Haus model allows me to run my business in accordance with my schedule outside of work such as family and school commitments.  I work alongside other great trainers who encourage me to grow both personally and professionally.  An added bonus is that while I am responsible for cleaning up after myself and my clients I am not responsible for cleaning the entire facility.  It’s nice to have the “little things” taken care of so I can focus on my business.

Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science

Certified Personal Trainer by NSCA for 10 years

Specialty: Women’s Small Group Training

Hobbies: Traveling with my family, hiking and spending time outdoors.

Social: @mamafitwhit

Luke Milller

The reason I am a personal trainer is that I truly think exercise and diet can improve a person’s life tremendously.

Making positive changes in your life and putting your physical and mental health first is something I believe everyone can benefit from. I love working with a variety of clients and want them to feel like they have a community around them to support their goals.

The Kondition Haus is a community of staff and clients that truly support each other. The private facility allows me to coach my clients without any distractions or worries of equipment being unavailable.

The other trainers are wonderful and have helped me improve as a trainer and a person. The Kondition Haus is a place I feel welcomed to expand my career as a personal trainer and I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else. 

Thomas Bachert

Rooted Fitness

I train because movement is a requirement for a good quality of life. It is satisfying to work with people who enjoy doing difficult activities. Learning something new and doing something you aren’t sure you can do will only have positive outcomes.

Kondition Haus is great at facility management allowing new trainers to focus on growing their business.

B.S. Exercise Science, CSCS

Strength training and barbell movements

Issac Combs

The Restorative Touch
Strength Coach & Soft Tissue Therapist

I’m entering my 10th year as a strength coach & soft tissue therapist. I enjoy having a positive impact on individuals from alleviating pain, discomfort and restoring function; to achieving athletic and lifelong goals. I’m a firm believer in Prehabilitation! If I can help prevent an injury from happening by strengthening the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding a joint, it significantly reduces the chances of taking a backwards step in any training regimen; whether competing in sports or increasing quality of life.

I enjoy working with all age ranges from my own elementary aged boys to high school & collegiate athletes, as well as folks who are retired interested in slowing down the inevitable aging process! Anyone at any age can benefit from some form of resistance training, ingrained movement patterns and structural balance.

I’m a former 4x collegiate All-American in Track & Field. There is no substitute for speed! I’ve worked for five years as the soft tissue therapist for UMKC Athletics (track & field, women’s basketball, and softball).

I like the diverse yet cohesive environment that we uphold at Kondition Haus which allows each entity the freedom to manage and run their own small local business!

Hobbies: competing in masters track & field, hiking, camping, reading and coaching my boys!


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • USA Weightlifting (USAW)
  • USA Track & Field (USATF)
  • Hypertrophy Academy


  • ART—total body
    Sports / deep tissue massage
  • Cupping
  • Myokinesthetics

Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

Aaron Combs
Info coming
Tracey English

Tracey English Fitness

I primarily work with moms – at all fitness levels. I enjoy working with those coming into fitness for the first time, those returning to it, and those who have made it a part of their lives and are looking for something that will challenge them. I offer group training and personal training. 

I train to see the look on my clients’ faces when they accomplish something they never thought they could do. I love meeting clients where they are on their journey – I love helping them feel a sense of strength from the inside out that comes from doing hard, challenging things. 

Kondition Haus enables me to serve my clients in a convenient location, which benefits them, and it enables me to focus on my training without worrying about the logistics of having my own brick and mortar fitness facility.

Instagram: @traceyenglishfitness

Facebook: Tracey English Fitness: Aspire 4 More

Experience: 22 years AFAA group fitness instructor, 10 years AFAA personal trainer

Favorite Hobbies: Reading, gardening, baking, singing, writing, home decorating

Ashley Fry

Ashley’s fitness career started with group fitness in 2014, teaching gentle yoga then adding multiple Les Mills programs, Schwinn indoor cycling and TRX Suspension Training. In January of 2020, she acquired her personal training certification from The National Academy of Sports Medicine. She emphasizes a corrective and functional approach for all of her clients and she enjoys working with people of all ages.

Ashley has also been practicing massage therapy since 2010. Her favored modalities are trigger point and nueromuscular therapy.


Buti with Bethaney
Bethany Hess

Spring 2020 Yoga Class Schedule:
Monday: 9 a.m.
Tuesday: 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday: 6 a.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m.
$12 per class

Buti Yoga

I use a movement format that incorporates a spiral structure technique to activate deep core muscles and build long, lean muscle tone while bringing balance to your body’s energetic and emotional systems. My workouts range 45 to 90 minutes and include cardio dance bursts, dynamic yoga sequencing, and deep core conditioning.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach and spread this kind of healing movement to my local community. Buti Yoga is more than just a workout. It’s movement medicine, it’s a path to deeper mind body connection, it’s a safe space to grow spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The Buti lifestyle encompasses total body wellness and is for every single person that chooses to practice it. Once you get on that mat and experience that feeling of ground pounding, sweat dripping, heart pumping ButiBliss your transformation will begin. There is nothing that I want to do more than to share this with others.

Education/Experience: Buti Yoga Certified in 2017

Instagram: @butiwithbethany

Facebook: Buti w/ Bet on Facebook

Favorite Hobbies: Spending time connecting with people, researching and cooking foods that nourish the body, home improvement and organization, and listening to music.

Katie Moshier
I’m honored to provide Ballroom/Swing Dance to the beautiful city of Lawrence right here at Kondition Haus!

After dancing around the house as a child, my mom found a jazz tap ballet studio to put me in. (Thanks mom!) After a few years I began an apprenticeship and thats what sparked my love to teach. Been moving ever since!

I have found a love for ballroom dance because of the variety of dances to choose from, the health benefits it produces, and the fact that anyone can dance it! If you can walk, you can dance!

Happy dancing!


Dr. Yacey Young

Young Spine & Joint

I practice chiropractic because the majority of people who have pain with daily activities or during sports, have it within themselves to be pain free, they just need guidance.

Having my practice located inside the Kondition Haus, means I am able to give custom treatments to patients in the treatment rooms, while also performing corrective exercises in the gym. It truly is, the best of both worlds.

Education/Experience: Doctor of Chiropractic (Cleveland University – K.C.), B.S.E. (University of Kansas)

Specialty: Spine & extremity adjusting, functional movement assessments, dry needling


Facebook: Young Spine & Joint

Instagram: @young.spine.joint

Favorite Hobbies: Playing various sports, watching movies, spending time with family & friends


Michelle webb
I am Michelle Webb, PT, DPT, owner of Webb Physical Therapy.
I specialize in pelvic floor PT, and believe that each patient should be treated with a holistic, whole person approach to healing. While pelvic health issues can be common, they are not normal and can be improved!
My passion lies in working with my patients to improve their symptoms and quality of life. I truly feel joy when my patients are able to return to the activities they love, without difficulty.